Why Yuan Property

As Onsite Management there are many benefits to having us market and manage your property

  • By having a caretaker onsite 24/7, we know exactly what is happening with the property at all times.
  • As Management Rights owners, we have our own financial and vested interest in the propery management and operation of each complex, so you can rest assured, we are committed to presenting our properties to the highest possible standard from day one, to ensure it maintains a highly desirable reputation long into the future.

This signifies security for your investment.

  • With our management office onsite, we are centrally located, enabling us to build rapport with all owners and residents each and every day.
  • Before bringing you the investors our recommendation for final approval, all prospective tenants are interview by a licensed & qualified property manager

Furthermore, these property managers will always accompany a prospective tenant when inspecting a unit for letting.

  • Rental payments are monitored daily to ensure no one is able to fall into arrears.
  • With at least 2 caretakers on call or living onsite, we are able to observe all people coming and going from the property plus ensure no one loiters on the property or causes any resident to feel unsafe.
  • For those emergency jobs requiring a professional tradesperson, We are onsite enabling us to take action immediately unlike outside property agent therefore minimize damage to the property ,such as unexpected water damage .
  • We are always prepared to work with the developer and builder to work through all the building defects that, no matter how successfully built, is a large duty we are experienced and capable of undertaking.
  • Yuan Property works closely with the temporary, and newly formed Body Corporate This keeps both parties informed on important issues related to all aspects of the complex, from security, to repairs and maintenance or improvements or modifications that may be required down the track.
  • We understand the local market better than anyone else with our Head Office located in Hope Island and we operate one of the largest Strata-titled letting rights in the area.

To Summarise, we work, live, and are on call 24 hours a day to ensure your investment is cared for and maximises the return for you from day 1. We are committed to looking after both our  investments and we are in, undoubtedly, the best position to do so. No other company can possibly compete with the level of service Yuan Property’, ‘people dedicated’ management team can provide to you.